Low poly game design

The main aim for this project is to develop my skills with 3D software such as Blender and Cinema 4D, whilst also incorporating game elements with the use of Unity as I start to teach myself how to code in C#.

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The world that I’m creating is focused around the mid Bronze age, with heavy influences of Celtic and Germanic stone structures.

Isometric design

My first interactions with low poly designs came in the form of isometric illustrations, where I played around in Illustrator creating a variety of different shapes using smart guides and a custom lined graph.

I then moved on to create some isometric landscape pieces, allowing me to start considering 3D elements with the design such as the height of the terrain and the addition of a light source which meant that I had to mentally map where the shadows would fall onto the scene.

This initial design work has allowed me to start creating landscape assets such as trees, rocks and grass elements, whilst also experimenting with lighting positions and effects.

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All work  Pat Wil Design 2018