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Art misfit, graphics geek

With Creativity at the heart of every project, always expanding my knowledge of various design tools. From UI design to graphic illustrations – I constantly look for creative side to any project.

About Me

I had a pencil in my hand from my early childhood, with a desire to be creative whether it was through drawing or building Lego castles. If there was an idea in my head I would always find a way to draw and present the idea rather than simply describe the design. As I went through school, this skill and ambition grew in me, teaching myself how to use new items of software or to advance my tool set so that I could complete each task set.

During my time studying digital design, I have learnt how to design and code a website; create marketing plans for various types of campaigns; write articles for PR press releases; and design and develop custom brands as part of my graphic design module. Not wanting  to limit myself, I’ve taught myself how to animate my designs with adobe after effects; how to turn landscape concept designs into 3D builds with Cinema 4D; and how to edit footage in Final Cut Pro.

I am always happy and eager to learn something new. I never want to stop learning and growing my skill set.


I am always looking for a new project to get working on, no matter how big or small. With my background in digital and web design I have been taught the fundamentals of creating and design a custom brand Identity from designing and developing an individual logo design to creating an entire brand theme to cover a wide range of marketing materials.  These have included business cards, flyers, posters, email templates and banners.

Web design is another service that I can offer/provide. Whether it’s creating graphic elements, designing the layout and overall design or developing the site itself.

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